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How to Rank #1 on Google for beginners


In this article, I am going to tell you exactly how to rank your website or blog on the front page of Google and tell you why you have been taught wrong by a lot of the experts.

So, I have been ranking websites and blogs in Google for a very long time but the problem is most of the experts will tell you how to do it but they have already got Authority. So, it is very easy for them to rank on first page of Google.

There are so many ways you would want to rank a blog or a website and the biggest reason is people want to make money, people want to monetize their websites, sell their e-commerce products and sell affiliate products.

There is lots of reasons why you would want to get to the front page of Google and you know it is a free organic traffic that is high converting so on.

So what your plan is to try and rank on this page so you can get organic traffic people to your website that are high converting and purchase from you or purchase affiliate products from you but the biggest mistake that I see is everyone keeps listening to people.

These people tell you generic garbage that does not apply to you because you are most likely a new website ok and what these people say to you is go and optimize your meta descriptions.

We will talk about what those are in a second go and add keywords to your content you need a fast website well yeah of course this is all generic stuff that everybody knows but the problem is these are completely useless if you don't have authority on your website.

What these guys have massive websites in their industry they already have Authority and it is completely pointless listening to their information if you don't have authority okay.

So I am going to take you through starting from scratch on how to actually get Authority like this and actually start ranking your websites in Google.

So, this is actually what Authority is we will just go through it real quickly before we move on.

Authority is basically how strong your domain or pages. URL is how strong are specific pages and domain rank is how strong a specific domain is obviously the higher the domain rank the better your website ranks so.

Of course people like this go and tell you some generic stuff that works for them because they already have huge amounts of authority and domain rank so they can go rank for literally any keyword without any effort at all but little old me a little old you we have a lot of trouble because of this misinformation.

Now what I am going to actually do is take you through the process step by step and show the two critical things that you actually need to rank okay.

The step one is obviously you need to have a longtail keyword okay.
If you do not know what a keyword is. It is very simple it is something that someone types in Google search and you show up for that specific keyword but there is a problem a lot of people will go and try and rank for the hardest keywords.
There is a difficulty so for example longer keywords called long tail keywords are easier to rank.  For example how to make money online using a smart phone would be a lot easier to rank for than something like a shorter keyword make money online okay.
So the longer the keyword generally the easier is it. The easier it is for you to rank for so when you were starting to rank your website it makes sense to go and try and rank for long keywords.
The longer the keyword Google actually goes out. We will talk about this in a second but it goes out and gets all these other cool keywords for you that you can rank for so that is step one okay.
When you start try and rank for long tail keywords because they are easier to rank for. Now a big mistake that I see is people will go and take that long tail keyword and they will use the entire sentence lots of times in their article.  
This is very bad who is going to be over optimizing your article so I am going to assume that you have a general sentence of Google and how it works so keywords and articles and stuff like that.
So I am not going to be really going too much into that but what I meant with the long tail keywords and really any keyword is you do not need to go and stuff your article with keywords because Google is smart enough to go and get all these little keywords and little words inside your article and piece them together.
For example, this is an article from one of my websites and I am ranking not on the first page but like I have my website showing up on various pages for over 2,000 keywords.
If you can see here I have all of these keywords on the top page and you know small search volume but it all adds up so a lot of people think that they have to try and rank for one specific keyword but it is not the case Google is now smart enough to rank you for hundreds and thousands of keywords as long as you start to build up Authority for that specific page okay.
So initially if you just keep building backlinks and stuff with your page you will just keep going up and up in the ranks. It is a little bit of a process okay which we are going to talk about.
The search keyword tools are not actually very accurate so destroying a rank for everything.
Now I want to move on to step two before you move on to this okay you need awesome engaging content, content that holds the reader. It is not all about content for Google.
Google anymore back in the day we could as write content for Google and it ranked but now Google takes user experience, user engagement into account.
I always have an image because an image holds the person on to the page there's some more text in images I bring my images and quite early okay because that triggers a change and it keeps people involved in your page and also you want to link to other pages on your website because if people click those and go through it counts that person stayed on a website for longer that gives good signals to Google.
If we have more pictures and words and everything looks natural. It all works good. It is a nice good long engaging article but I want to tell you a little bit of a secret that really keeps people on my website okay down the bottom on nearly every single one of my articles I had a video there as on I do this because a large percentage of people will go to the bottom and they will start watching the video what happens the video is for five minutes long they stay my website for four or five minutes longer okay and this says to Google okay this person is interested in thi article. 
We are going to give this article a bit of a boost in the rankings. This is really important. This is a structure that has been working for me really really well.
If you do not have any of your own videos you can simply share a related video from YouTube on to your article okay so that is the most the first important step.
If your content is not right you are not going to rank that is it okay now you can not rank without backlinks and good content with easy keywords I do that all the time if the content needs to be amazing okay so content is the number one factor right now. Content is king.
Now step number three is obviously optimize meta descriptions, add keywords to your content and you do need a fast website like the experts have been saying however this is useless if you do nott put everything else in place first now if you do not know what a MetaDescription is. Guys it is simple a minute description. Here you can use a plugin called Yoast SEO and you can actually change the title you can change the SEO title and the description and what that is going to do it.
You just find this here tell people what your website is about when they search it in Google so you want something that stands out and you want something that you know want to have the keywords in there but not too much mix it up.
Now number four, you need backlinks and more importantly it must look natural. Backlink is what is going to give you the authority you need here okay. Google will always use backlinks as a ranking factor and it will be one of the most important ranking factors for as long as we live. It is too late they can not change that now.
So these are the two critical steps that you need to rank your article or website in Google. You need engaging content. This is the first step if you do not have this. Your backlinks are probably not going to work or you are going to need to spend thousands of dollars on backlinks or lots of hours building them. If you get your content right the first time you will not need as many backlinks to rank and then of course once you have the engaging content and the good content you need backlinks okay but more importantly they need to look natural.
I am going to show you my strategy that I use to actually rank my sites and it is no one really does it okay now this is something about the content that I am really strict about one of them is stop listening to the SEO plugins what I mean by that is use these plugins for what they are intended to be used for which is meta descriptions and stuff like that but these plugins are going to give you recommendations do not even bother listening to them.
It says here the exact match keyword density is 0.1%. This is low. it is actually not low because I have different keyword variations in my article and everything is just spread out and mixed up Google is smart enough to figure that up.
I completely ignore all of this stuff here just ignore it it is pointless.
You only want to use these four meta descriptions and meta titles okay that is it.  Trust me and then you want to make your content super natural with a nice flow and then add keyword variations.
for example if we are going to rank for example here Clickbank for beginners. I would add things inside my article like Clickbank tutorial, how to make money on Clickbank. Those are keyword variations okay and then link to relevant content on your website. I link to relevant content on my websites and so this goes through to another article on my blog and it needs to be relevant.
Because in Google we will start to figure out what everything is about okay simple that is really easy now. Remember guys I know a lot of you are beginners in this SEO tutorial and meta descriptions are these okay just so you understand just so on the samepage here a mirror description meta title is something that shows up then these search engines it is actually different to your article title here okay this is what Google sees this is what shows up on the front page when someone actually searches for your website okay now how do you know if your content is good enough.
Guys one thing you got to do you are going to take the keyword you are trying to rank for put it into Google and check out every single website on the front page every single one don't miss any out okay and all you are goiing do is you are going to see the quality of that content.
You are going to see how long that content is you are going to see how many words they use you are going to see how many images they use.
You are going to see how many videos they use and You are going to make your article at housand times better than their articles that is it. That is how you know if you have the right content to rank in Google that is it. It is s that simple that is all I do this here is nothing this would be probably be quite easy to out rank. 
It is just a course with very very minimal content on it this one here has a lot of content on it so you are up against someone with a lot of words and a lot of images and quite a few to videos okay to videos yes so you would actually have to do content that is probably better than this page okay content that the readers want to read content that is s engaging content that Google wants to see and content that gives off positive signals to Google to rank.
You at the top and that includes things like good meta descriptions that have to get people clicking because that is also a ranking factor click-through rate so good titles and descriptions and not only that actually good articles so that is how you know if your content is good enough make it better than everybody else's.
That is simple now the backlinks this is where everyone gets confused white hat and black hat so white head is basically a fancy way of saying build your links natural but in my opinion does not really matter because Google's terms and conditions.
If you build any links it is against the rules and with white hat that is supposed to be called blog outreach and stuff like that you still asking people for links so you are still going against Google's terms so with all of my sites.
I do start with the black hat backlinks because it is s really the same stuff white and real 100% white hat backlinks are backlinks that you get from other sites without asking for them but do you think that you can actually get those backlinks when you are new absolutely not no one cares about you nobody knows about you.
So I do kind of black hat white hat gray hat whatever you want to call it but at the end of the day if you are building a backlink and now you know manually or asking people for backlinks white hat black hat does not matter.
You are still going against Google'sTerms and Conditions okay and everyone is doing it even big SEO companies go against Google's Terms and Conditions literally every single website does unless your website naturally gets backlinks from people it is breaking Google's Terms and Conditions so this is how I do.
I am going to show you my natural way of building backlinks to my website to actually get you ranked and Google this works really well for me okay.
How I rank all of my pages on my blogs and websites okay so we are going to jump in.
You are going start to rank and the more you are telling Google about your page so if you have an article about how to make a blog you want to actually link out to other websites about how to make a blog even sometimes if they are your competitor okay no joke you want to go out and link to other articles even a Wikipedia page that says blogging or what are bloggers write or even a youtube video link out to other stuff that is really really important.
Now the first thing you are going to do you need to understand that when you start a website you need to think to yourself what would I do if I was Google what would I want to see from a brand new website what would I want to see I am Google right now what would I want to see simple there is one thing they want to see naturalness okay they want to make sure everything is natural so what is the first thing any website usually starts social accounts okay.
Social accounts are your first tip go and start multiple social accounts but make sure they are relevant to you.
For example Pinterest is really good for the cooking dish so you would go and use Pinterest and Facebook is great Instagram there is probably not really there. Facebook is you have got to have a Facebook and no doubts even it does not matter one niche but build your social accounts and stats you post on your social accounts back to your website and make it random do not just link back to the page of trying to rank linked to the home page. 
This is one of the biggest mistakes I see what a lot of people do is they will just send links to the websites to rank. Google is smart enough to figure out and going to beat us at our own game.
We are going to D index this site you need to send links to the home page as well you need to send links to random articles as well even if you are not trying to rank that particular article okay so number one do what Google what expects you to do go and build social media accounts and then go and post your articles on those social media accounts.
It is good for branding that is what Google expect from you when you start a website okay that is the first step because it makes no sense imagine if Google saw you throwing all of these gifts posts and PPM's and really strong backlinks out one of your pages straight away instantly they are not going to rank you because they know what you are trying to do.
Now the next step is really very simple as well go to blogs and forums and leave comments and once again you want to link to other pages as well like your home page and otherpages why do you want to do blog comments and forums next because it is natural okay.
This website is gone and credits some social accounts now they are going out and just and forums and blogs commenting and engaging in communities okay.
This looks natural to Google right simple and you start to build up some Authority now the next step is to go and once again one thing that I really really really suggest you do actually is start a YouTube channel now the reason I have not put this in a social account section is because if you can get a few start getting into videos now for your websites you have a big advantage over everybody do you know why because YouTube is doing something YouTube and Google obviously the same company. Google is now prioritizing videos in these search results.
So that is the reason number one reason number two YouTube if you put a link in the description it ss a backlink even though it is a nofollow backlink it is a backlink okay so it builds out your spider web but bigger so I highly recommend you start a YouTube channel even if it is just a little affiliate website you do not have to put your face on or anything you can just you could put a bunch of images together put it on YouTube who cares if anyone views it then does the matter you are just trying to create a backlink okay and YouTube and Google obviously prioritizing the video right now and you can see it everywhere nearly every single keyword you see now will have these videos stacks at the top okay
So YouTube's  really important so as you can see we are creating a natural flow of backlinks social media accounts blogs and forum comments and then YouTube channels now a lot of the experts going to say this does not work anymore but they are wrong okay the real black hat guys will garden spam sites with real strong links to start with eventually they will vanish from Google.
I am still at the top ranking why because I made my websites look natural my websites have a natural backlink this is a long-term game a natural backlink profile this is a long-term game okay now next what you want to do is you want to go and create what we call web 2.0.
I have gone and created a relevant free website this is called wordpress.com I create quite a lot of these and I get by pam-i-am radical my try tackle my article writer to write articles for me and I put four or five articles on these free websites and I will make them look like real websites we have a banner here we have good quality articles.
I actually link to websites that are not even mine as well well actually this is linking to another page but licious click on this will link to another website that is not mine this is not my website but it is relevant ok.
The best landingpage design examples because I am ranking for landing page and funnel building keywords ok so web 2.0 is a real free website this is the next stage in my process of ranking.
You know this is kind of like search engine optimization on a budget but the key here is to make actually good quality free websites that look real and natural ok so that is the next step.
The last step but this is usually all I need to do is guest posting I go to up work or freelancer and I pay people to do blogging outreach and I get real proper authority backlinks. I go and pay these people to get meget my article on other websites okay and that is all I do guys.
This is the structure I use and this is a very very natural structure because you are not Google smart okay Google is not going to be like and guest posting first they are going to be like how does anyone even know about this website they have no social accounts they have no blog forum comments anywhere they have no web 2.0 is they have no like Google's smart guides Google's me like guest posting these blogs put probably never even seen the site before okay so you need to be smart.
Overall domain Authority and eventually you can guard in this rank for keywords without any backlinks because your site is strong enough put for that particular niche now anchor text if you don't know what an anchor text.
I am doing the web 2.0 this is an anchortext going so building sales funnels okay 
I am actually still building it out so there we go I am probably going to do the next article but anyway you link back and then you do natural and general stuff like.  
How I rank my websites now the key is to be consistent natural and have a space in between these steps so do social accounts wait a couple weeks do some blog come out blog forum comments and be too consistent now you can rank stuff on the front page it takes around about three to six months sometimes longer depending on how strong the keyword is okay 
You can rank I rank for our quite a hard keyword without any backlinks because the content so good if your content is really really good you have a higher chance of ranking for stuff with no -little backlinks okay and then the next important thing is you must you need backlinks okay.
You might get lucky and one of the articles might rank but you need backlinks overall to your websites and your article to start to build up their authority then when your Authority is quite strong you can go and just post a random blog post and it will probably break and give you traffic all right. I wil ll see you in the next article.


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