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Gaining backlinks to your website


Gaining backlinks to your website is a great way to improve the SEO performance. 

What is the best practice to encourage people to link back to your site?

If you are trying to get backlinks for your website make sure to get it on your web page where you have good and quality content and interlink one page to another page in your website.

You will never get backlinks for boring pages. So page content should be readable. 

Quality content and attractive designed websites will get readers attention. .

Need to engage people with the help of your good and quality content.

Quality and Unique content with more traffic on the website can let people link back to your site through external linking / guest posting.

First help them grow and ask them to help you.

No one link back to you straight away or produce great  and quality content that 

they want to link back.

Gaining backlinks to your website is a great process and very hard to get backlinks to your site.

Here i am providing some edu backlinks for you.

These edu backlinks are very easy to Gaining backlinks to your website from edu backlinks.

1.     http://cimac.edu.mx

2.     https://sp.sage.edu

3.    https://ilm.iou.edu.gm

4.     https://wiki.cct.lsu.edu

Above mentioned are edu backlinks. you may gain backlink from these websites.

The above mentioned edu backlinks are may work or may not work, but give it try.



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