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How to use Google Search Console


Google search console is dashboard provided by the Google.

Google search console is also known as webmaster tools earlier.

This tool is used to index our website in the Google search results.

This tool is free to use.

One of the best tool to know about our website performance i.e. how our website is performing, how many clicks are performed, how many impression are made in one day.

Why do we need to setup Google Search Console?

To give index information about our website to Google and to take index information about our website from Google. 

To check internal links of website and external links of website.

It will tell how our website appears in the search results. 

We can also check errors of our website and we can rectify errors of our website using this tool.

How to setup Google search console

To access Google search console 
you need Gmail account 

Go to webmaster.google.com

Here you can submit your website name to Google Search Console

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