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what is keyword research

Keyword research is the concept of choosing the right keyword for better SEO.

Keyword Definition

A Keyword can be a single word like 'movie', 'computer' (or) 

Keyword can have multiple words like 'movie tickets', 'best mobiles' and 'online shopping'.

To find a right keyword, there are some specifications to follow:

  • Keyword must have good number of searches.

  • Keyword must have low competition

  • Keyword must have less number of results in google.
keyword research tools

In the above image there is volume :14,800/month. that means the keyword search volume for month is 14,800 and competition is 0.32. 

Whenever we search for keyword. the competition must be below 0.30 then only our keyword 

will rank in the Google first page within one month otherwise it will take some time.

There are so many keyword research tools are available.

Some keyword research tools free and some are expensive.

There are some keyword research tools free.

Google keyword planner

Uber suggest

Keywords Everywhere.


Ahrefs Keywords Explorer


Keywords Everywhere is one of the best free tool to search a keyword on Google.

best free keyword research tool is Google keyword planner.

Example of Keywords

digital marketing, 
 latest movie tickets, 
and online ticket booking. 

 How to use Google keyword planner

 Go to Google search bar

Then type adwords.google.com

login with your email id

after logged in click on tools & settings

after that click on keyword planner

there in search button type your keyword. that's it.

No. of Competitors                                         Time to take 

search results in thousands                             few weeks

search results in 100,000 to 1,000,000          3 to 12 months

what is seo


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