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How to use WhatsApp on pc or laptop


Hello friends. Today in this article we are going to learn how to use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop.

Nowadays almost everyone is having smart phone with Whatsapp installed on their phones. Whatsapp became most famous social sharing app in world. Sometimes many people want to use the Whatsapp on their PC or Laptop. For that here is the solution for how to use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop. For that just follow the below steps:

Step 1. Open any web browser and type web.whatsapp.com in the address bar. Then the below window will appear.

how to use Whatsapp on pc or laptop 

Step 2. Open whatsapp application in your smart phone. 

In Whatsapp you will find 3 dots on the right upper corner of whatsapp.
Just tap on 3 dots then a popup will appear. 

From that popup just tap on the Whatsapp Web then the back camera will open to scan the QR code of the web.whatsapp.com. 

Then automatically Whatsapp will be opened in the browser.

Now enjoy the Whatsapp on your PC or Laptop.

Now you can send messages from your Whatsapp on PC.

From the above method you can use any computer which is having internet connection and access Whatsapp on any PC or Laptop.

Note : When you use whatsapp on PC always remember to logout the whatsapp. Otherwise there may  be chances to misuse of your whatsapp chats.

That is it. Now enjoy Whatsapp on PC or Laptop without installing any additional software.   

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