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Hello friends, are you looking for the best free SEO tool tired of using paid tools or tools that ask for registration or credit card
details to use their free versions I am going to tell you about ubersuggest an amazing tool that can help you in achieving three things at the moment number one it can help you dig keywords for SEO with the right search volume number two analyze your
websites SEO status and keyword positioning and number three track competitors and their top ranking pages and there are three more amazing things.

Now let's look at some of the best SEO tools in the market. There
are multiple SEO tools in the market but the top five ones are SEMrush, Moz, ahref, longtail Pro and Buzzsumo which is used by content marketers most of these tools will first ask you to create an account try the free account and then charge you a premium account to access further and in a lot of cases credit card is a must for trial purposes well imagine the power of these five tools under one well ubersuggest is powerful tool which is going to change the whole ballgame this tool has eliminated the whole registration
process freemium and premium model. It is absolutely free you don't have to register. You don't have to offer freemium model by using your credit card. You just have to log on and get started.
So let's learn how to make best use of ubersuggest. I am going to tell you how to discover keywords and how to analyze the value of your website all of your competitors.

So let's start from keyword I am  typing search engine optimization and then click on search so you can see right now in India the search volume for search engine optimization is about 90,500 the difficulty score is given right here the difficulty score is basically the estimated competition in organic search.
The higher the number the more competitive it is so 55 is still very competitive big difficulty also because a lot of companies have been tapping this keyword and a cost per click is about to be is 46.50 now that's the search volume per month so this itself is very interesting feature to know because to get that accurate number you generally have to use the paid tools so this is available for free for you and besides this you start seeing a lot of keyword suggestions right there so not just search engine optimization like ask the basic keyword but there are lot no
suggestions which you can see and you can analyze these keywords for free of course with search engine optimization also
keywords which I had used so if you are a blogger you might want to write something or digital marketing agencies let's say if
I am trying to tell you here is you need to pick up the words which is relevant to your blog or to your business and you need to start writing content on that on the basis of this volume that we see so this also gives you an example of how competitive the keyword is and which are some of the top blogs which is lacking for a certain
keyword so you can see the keyword overview and what are those blog posts which is ranking on top and what has been their estimated traffic so you can see that for search engine optimization is a keyword which are those top 25 or 30 blogs or sites up there which is getting traffic so this is from a keyword perspective you can put any keyword that you want and you can
generate as many ideas as possible and you can dig further so let's start doing a little hyper local keyword which is digital marketing Chennai and here you can see that for this mapping Chennai digital marketing course has seven hundred and twenty on an average monthly search the team are very comfortable Chennai so as a blogger you might want to write content on these keywords and this is also showing what kind of sites are coming on top.


You see which is getting some of the maximum traffic from the search which is happening on Google so that's one of the important components of ubersuggest so one of the other way to use Google Suggest is to go on site again and type down a domain
Some of the crucial features is the domains code usually we have always been benchmarking bonds so these are some of the two
features which you can look into top pages of the website as well as all the keywords that the website throws up right there so these are two features that you can look into one is top pages
of the site that you have listed and keywords so you can analyze all the keywords right there you can export this and make best use of this for your very own blog or website so that was some
amazing from Neil Patil's ubersuggest. There are three more great things coming up in under 15 days you can track backlinks of
your competitors you can analyze the website by making use of SEO analyzer so you can easily fix all the errors and you can make use of feature like buzzsumo the best content and influence
and discovery platform so what are you waiting for guys
log on to this tool right now the link is Ubersuggest