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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial


Search Engine Optimization

Now, let's talk about my favourite channel that is Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.
It is the process of driving traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., to your website.

Now, the best part about SEO is that the traffic is free.
Like this example we took for search engine marketing, like "buy mobile".
Suppose we take two are ads.
But the first result here is of Flipkart.com "Mobile Phones" too.
Now, Flipkart does not have to pay Google to rank here.
Let's say ten thousand people searched the keyword "buy mobile" daily on Google.

The average click for the first result is somewhere close to 60 to 80 percent.
So, let's say that 70 percent of the people click on the first result here.

So, Flipkart is driving seven thousand of daily free traffic.
So, all the people who buy the mobile from Flipkart after going from Google search results, that is profit for Flipkart.
Without even paying for the customer acquisition cost.
Like, whenever you are running Facebook Ads or even when you're running the SCM.

Like the search engine marketing ads.
Here, you have to pay money to Google.
Whenever someone clicks on Ad we had to pay money to Google.
So, that is the power of search engine optimization.
Once your article starts ranking on Google search engines, you'll be driving free traffic and all the money you make after the traffic, visit you website, that will be a profit.
So, that is the reason I focus a lot on search engine optimization.
that is the power of search engine optimization.
Because your expense is zero, because you're not, because you're not paying any money to drive these people to your website.

I'll be sharing all my techniques on how I rank my website on Google search results, number one position.
So make sure you read the SEO lessons as well, in the future sessions.
So primarily, SEO has three primary categories:
1.   Black Hat SEO.
2.   White Hat SEO.
3.   Gray Hat SEO.
All these will also be discussed in the future lessons.

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