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email marketing


Now, let's talk about email marketing.
Another very important channel, which I really love.
Honestly, in India, specifically email marketing is not that popular.
Companies are using it but primarily the blogger and indie influencers are not using email to communicate with their audience.
I'm a strong believer of email marketing, especially in the affiliate website that I have shown you the analytics for that.
Email marketing is also forming a big chunk of the revenue.
Take the case of this digital marketing course.
How am I delivering you the lessons?
I am giving you all the lessons through email, right?
So, for me, email marketing becomes extremely important for my business.
So, email marketing is not just uploading a list of people to send to and spam them.
It is much more complicated than that.
You also have to use specific tools, you also have to know the style of writing the emails, creating trip sequences and all.
So, all that will be discussed in the email marketing module.

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