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Best content marketing examples 2019


Best content marketing examples 2019

Now, content marketing has been extremely popular from the last few years now because the customer acquisition model has changed.
Content marketing is a very strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.
Now, this definition might have sounded very complicated, but in simple words, content marketing is all about creating content, so that you can provide value to your prospective customer.

So, let's say, in some case, someone is teaching digital marketing for free.
Now, you guys are consuming this free content and some of you might also like the content.
Some of you might like someone approach of teaching.
So, if in the future if someone create a paid course, and I sell it to you guys, so you might just purchase the product.
Because someone has already given you so much free value. So much free content.
So, that is the power of content marketing. Giving value to your customers, or rather prospective customers, and showing them the benefits of joining your services.

If it's a SAS product, software service, then I can give them a free trial, I can give them comprehensive blog post, I can give them free video course.
Similarly, if I am an eCommerce company, I can create wild content, top ten list-type articles and then drive people to the website.
So there are numerous ways of doing content marketing.
And especially in the last few years, and also in the coming years, content marketing will be extremely beneficial for businesses to drive customers.

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