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Overview of Digital Marketing


I will give you an overview of digital marketing.
We will be talking about all the channels that when combined, makes up digital marketing.
If you are planning to become a specialist in one of these fields, then you need to go deeper than it and master it.
I should mention that the digital marketing is highly dynamic.
So, you need to constantly learn new things, and apply the same.
Now, I will go through each component one by one, and give you an overview.
The detailed explanation will be given in the later sessions.
So, let's get started.
These are the primary components of digital marketing. 
1.   Search engine marketing
2.   Social media marketing
3.   Searching engine optimization
4.   Content marketing
5.   Email marketing
6.   Web analytics
7.   Conversion rate optimization
8.   Sales funnel

Now, you will be able to build sales funnels only if you know the rest of the things.
Now, since you are just starting your digital marketing journey, I won't expect you to become
an expert in all these fields.
Rather, these are very specialized fields.
So, there are jobs for just search engine marketing, there are jobs for just social
media marketing.
Similarly for search engine optimization or SEO.
Similarly, for content marketing, email marketing and web analytics.
But as a digital marketer you must know all of these at least the overview of how these work.
Then later on you can find a specialization for yourself, the one that interests you the most. Get specialized in it, and become an expert in that.
Usually, there are two options.
Either you become an expert in one particular field and grow like that, or secondly you can get a good level of understanding in all these fields and become a digital marketing manager.
Where you'll be handling all the people of various domains.
So, let's start with search engine marketing.
Now, I am sure that all of you must have searched something in Google search engine, right?
Like the Valentine's week is going on, so either you're a boy or a girl, you might have
searched on Google for some, like, "gifts for boyfriend" or "gifts for girlfriend".
So, if you are a guy like me who likes creativity, then you might have searched on Google like
"gifts for girlfriend..." etc., right?
So, you must have seen a lot of ads on Google.
Like here I'll show you the query "buy mobile".
So, both of these listings are ads.
"Get New Phone with Visible" and "Cell Phones: New Mobile Phones..."
As you can see the word here, "Ad".
So, these two are ads, and these are the organic results.
So, let's say if you're a new business.
You've just opened up your website.
Then you won't be able to rank yourself on the number one position.
Because Flipkart has done a lot to get this number one position.
So, to drive traffic to your website, you need to purchase Google Ads.
So, that you can instantly get yourself in the number one or number two position.
You can do this using Google AdWords.
So you can pay money to Google to get ranked in the number, one or number two result depending
on the quality score of your ad.
So, this is what search engine marketing is.
Learning the art of running good Google ads that actually make money for the business.
So, it might look simple that you just have to find the keywords and start the ad, but
honestly it is not that simple.
It is a complicated field where you have to learn a lot of things.
The optimization, the right keywords, and there are so many strategies in that.
We will be covering all of that in the Google AdWords session.
You must have seen that I am only talking about Google AdWords.
Because there are other search engines as well, like "Bing" and "Yahoo", etc,.
But since Google is dominating the market, so when I'm referring to search engine marketing,
I'm referring to Google AdWords.
But yes, you can even run "Bing Ads" and "Yahoo Search Ads" as well.

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